An introduction to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is the UK scheme (under EU legislation) which encourages organisations to save both energy and money by identifying cost effective energy saving measures for buildings, industrial processes and transport.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) promises to deliver more than just energy savings, with the Government predicting that ESOS could deliver financial savings of nearly £2bn across UK large businesses.

Over 9000 of Britain’s biggest companies are required to comply and initial audits are to be undertaken by 5th December 2015.

Now that the government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is well under way, there is growing interest in how this scheme will affect organisations. But the biggest question by far is, “Will this affect my organisation?”

In order to address these questions the government has released a comprehensive ESOS Guide.

If implemented correctly, ESOS represents an excellent opportunity to have cost effective energy efficiency plans considered at board level and yield substantial savings in utility bills.

Here are six great reasons to act now on ESOS with Ivy Link Partnership:

  1. ESOS is here: We’re already in Phase1.
  2. It’s mandatory: If ESOS applies to you, you’ve got to comply.
  3. Investment is minimal: Typical audits cost only a fraction of energy spend.
  4. Implementing the recommendations from the audit will usually cover the cost of the audit itself in weeks.
  5. Likewise, implementing the improvements recommended will often have an ROI of less than 2 years.
  6. Finance solutions are available which will pay for themselves over 5 years through the energy efficiency savings – self-financing estate improvements!

If you have questions about what your organisation needs to do to comply get in touch with the Ivy Link Partnership team.