The Confederation of Business Industry have stated that businesses in the UK waste on average 10-20% of the energy they buy.

There are lots of ways that your business can save on energy and cut those bills. We’ve complied some our our easiest and most effective energy savings tips.

Remember, energy savings start in the boardroom and filter through the entire business. Training and education for all staff is vital to achieving energy savings across the board. To find out more about how we can assist with energy training get in touch to have a chat with one of our friendly consultants.

Becoming energy efficient can make a huge difference, not only financially but boosts your businesses’ green credentials. Here are some basic energy saving tips for businesses and homeowners.

Energy Saving Tips for businesses and homeowners

1. When it’s not being used, switch it off!
Switch off computers and other appliances. It may not be possible to turn off computers etc throughout the day when they are constantly being used, but if staff can get into a habit of turning off computers when leaving the office, this can lead to huge savings. Other items like printers and scanners can also be turned off when not in use.

As single computer and monitor left on for 24 hours a day can cost over £50 a year! Chargers and electrical plugs can also be saved; when a charger is plugged in without being attached it is still converting energy – and costing money!

2. Switch to energy saving lightbulbs
Using energy saving bulbs WILL cut energy and save money on bills. They can use up to 80% less energy than standard bulbs and they run for many more hours- meaning you’ll have to change them less often, keeping your maintenance bills down too.

3. Maximise air conditioning and heating efficiency 
If you are using air conditioning or heating ensure that all doors and windows are shut, helping it to stay efficient. Inefficient heating and cooling are often the prime reason for high energy bills. You can also simply reduce the temperature by 1ºC which can cut your heating bills by 10%.

You may not need heating or air conditioning during mild spring or autumn days. Switch off heating when the temperature reaches 21°C. Air conditioning is not really needed until the temperature exceeds 23-24°C.

4. Put up energy saving reminders
Remind everyone of the energy saving measures you’re putting into place by putting up posters to prompt them. We have a printable range of posters you can download, print and pin up – click here to get them!

5. Update your technology 
Old and out of date models of computers, fridges and even boilers tend to be far less energy efficient. Update to energy efficient products wherever possible.

6. Check for drips and leaks
A constantly dripping tap adds up to a lot of wasted water. Keep a regular watch on your water consumption to track down these kinds of problems.

7. Ditch the screen savers 
Do not use screen savers. It is far more efficient to use the power down settings available, or to encourage staff to switch off their computer monitors when away from their desks.

8. Install motion sensitive lighting 
It’s easy to leave lights on where you don’t need them. Motion sensitive lights will turn off automatically when rooms are not in use. Make the most of natural lighting this summer by opening window blinds in daylight hours to cut back on business energy costs.

9. Reduce waste
Cutting the amount of waste your business has to handle is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of dealing with waste and saving on bills. You can also gain more green credentials!

10. Conduct an energy audit
Take regular meter readings around your premises to keep track of your energy consumption, that way you will know what processes use the most energy and will be able to identify areas where savings could be made. 

We can provide FREE energy health checks all the way through to full ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) audits. Get in touch for more information.

Taking the first steps towards becoming more energy efficient raises many queries. Head over to our FAQ’s. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these further, or to provide any other information that you need. Get in touch to find out more about our energy health check for your business.

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